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Thank goodness too, otherwise this country would be in chaos. Sephiroth Clone.

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In all honestly, I hope they're not going to take the lazy route in this game and all of FeMCs dialogue will be the same as MCs, all social links will be the same Current Playing: With myself. I felt that as edgy as P3 and P4 were, it shouldn't have been a huge stretch to allow a romantic relationship between the MC and a few of the male characters.

I hold out hope that it will happen in P5. Until then, I'm left with I still enjoy games with heterosexual romances. But these games are an escape for me as much as for anyone.

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There are more gay gamers than you think. I hope developers start to realize this. You know, we aren't all flaming, effete twinks with a fetish for fabric and a penchant for cross-dressing. I'm trucker gay, myself Are you seriously a trucker? They might as well make a warning for black. GG Teiwaz12 http: Well, true, trucker gay IS a stereotype.

But homosexuals are usually portrayed as the stereotypical flaming queen. Sure, that is a common type of gay, but it's not the only type. And no, I'm not really a trucker. That's just for the visual, really. I don't mind same sex relationships..

Female Protagonist in Persona 3 Portable

Really I could careless if some of you are appauled by that idea, it's sexist to believe a woman can love a woman but a man can't love a man. So before you respond, please stroke your mini yous to hentai instead, its FREE. Really I don't care if homosexuality isn't in it, but if they're going to do it they need to cater to both sides of the spectrum.. With all that out of the way, you can download the mod for use with the Mod Compendium here. I've also gone ahead and ported over the Christmas events, but since those will have the side efect of letting you spend Christmas with Yuko and Chihiro if you befriended Koromaru and Ken, they're in a separate mod that you can download here.

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Go forth and be gay in Persona 3 Portable. I hope you enjoy!. Oct 14 , Nice work, happy to see that you've reached completion on this project! It would be cool to do a similar thing for P4, restoring Yosuke's cut romance route. Now that we have the proper tools I think I'll look into it. Anyway, I'll go ahead and put this up for download on the main page. Dec 4 , I started playing P3P back in but only managed to get about halfway through before school got me and I got too busy to finish it. I'm finally picking it back up 4 years later although now I have to completely restart because I can't remember anything about the story, haha and I was blown away to see this mod exists and that it was made so recently!

On that note, I would be very interested in a reverse of this mod with the male MC! I realize that you're probably quite a busy person, but if you're willing to work on a mod like this at any point, I would love to help! I've never modded a persona game before, but I would be totally willing to do things like help re-write the event dialogue or things like that. Alternatively, if you aren't interested in working on that kind of mod, if you could maybe give me a rough outline of how this mod was created, I'm more than willing to put in the work and research and hammer together my own mod.

Anyways, just wanted to say, thanks so much for this mod and the work you've done!. Thank you for your support! I'm glad you're giving P3P another try, and very happy to hear that you'll be trying it out with this mod.

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I was actually thinking about doing something for the male MC, but then the semester started and it kind of slipped my mind. I'm glad to hear there's interest, though, and would love to give it another look. It'll be a little more complicated, since he doesn't have pre-existing links with the SEES guys to build off, but I think I'd started figuring that out.

That said, if you're willing to do some of the writing for it, I'd really appreciate it. This mod just swaps the links out directly, and I'd love to do something for the male MC that did more to reflect his personality.

Let's play Persona 2: Innocent Sin - Part 11: Random battles...

I've still gotta finish both of my first MMC and FeMC playthroughs, but after that, I'd love to read all of the social link events and try to figure out how we can modify and add to the existing writing to fit the MMC! I'm extra motivated as I recently finished P2 a few days ago and it was disappointing to see Atlus go a little backwards in terms of diversity of romance options since then, haha.

If this works out, I'd also be willing to try out some writing for the FeMC if you'd like. D I'd love to talk about this a little more in-depth on maybe Discord or whatever is convenient for you!.